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Leaders Transform Business: Top 25 Companies for Leaders

Original Webcast Date: February 17, 2010

Hosted by Human Capital Institute (HCI)

In this economic environment, HR leaders and senior management know that having the right leaders in place and in the pipeline is vital for success. What kinds of leaders their customers expect, and how well their leaders deliver that kind of leadership, brings a "measurement mind-set" to what has been an inexact process for developing the next generation of leaders.

This means rethinking leadership selection and development strategies to better align with organizational goals, cost pressures, and competing resources.

Hewitt Associates partnered with FORTUNE Magazine and the RBL Group in a worldwide longitudinal study of leadership practices in over 500 companies. The study affirms the link between financial success and leadership practices, and identifies differentiators for leadership development and effectiveness.

This Webcast highlights key findings of the Top Companies for Leaders study — how the top 25 organizations have built leadership capability, despite tighter budgets, short-term pressures and fewer resources.

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