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Summary of Major Post-ERISA Benefit Legislation


Aon Hewitt has assembled a summary of the major legislation affecting employee benefits since ERISA was enacted in 1974, updated as of April 9, 2014.

On Labor Day, September 2, 1974, President Gerald Ford signed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) into law. ERISA was the most comprehensive employee benefits legislation ever crafted by lawmakers. It provides protections for millions of employees who participate in a range of benefit programs voluntarily sponsored by private-sector employers.

Since its enactment, numerous other laws have amended ERISA and expanded its scope to provide more protections for employees as well as corresponding responsibilities for employers. See Aon Hewitt's Summary of Major Post-ERISA Legislation for a summary of these laws, beginning with the most recent legislation. For your convenience, the second document, List of Major Post-ERISA Legislation, provides a list, without the summaries, of the major post-ERISA legislation.

Summary of Major Post-ERISA Legislation

List of Major Post-ERISA Legislation