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Leading with Strategic Thinking Roadshow

Leading with Strategic Thinking Roadshow


The European Roadshow by Aaron K. Olson based on the book he co-authored with B.K. Simerson’s Leading with Strategic Thinking has come to its end.

In May, Aaron visited 5 cities in 5 European countries: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and the UK, where, together with Aon Hewitt's European Talent Practice Leaders, he discussed the specific actions leaders can take to cultivate strategic leadership.

What does it mean to lead strategically?

As discussed during the roundtables, the most successful companies are those which empower the workforce to think and act strategically. There’s no doubt that no matter the location, what really matters is to encourage the whole workforce to act with strategy in mind—not just the leaders. However, it is the leaders’ responsibility to encourage the others to do so, to engage the others, adapt themselves and lead by example. Then they really shift changes.

Aaron K. Olson speaking at Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

Strategic leadership means  playing different roles in different situations

Aaron K. Olson with Edward Stanoch – Partner, Member of the Board Aon Hewitt Poland, European Talent Practice Leader (left) and Olaf Żylicz – Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology (right)

Strategic leadership is about ability to adapt on the basis of self-awareness

– Edward Stanoch

The key to success is self-awareness & agility.

There are also other 3 features of a strategic leader which are crucial in VUCA environment as revealed in the Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders® study which was also discussed. Have you ever thought about yourself as a leader in this way?

Signing books at the Warsaw event


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