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Hiring for a Safer Workplace

Hiring for a Safer Workplace


Improve Safety and Reduce Absence Through Predictive Assessment

Each year organizations in the United States spend billions of dollars on costs associated with over three million workplace injuries and illnesses. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) encourages organizations to place an emphasis on proactive preventative measures to reduce the incidence and severity of workplace injuries and illnesses. However, another—and often underestimated—solution for preventing workplace injuries and illnesses involves hiring people who have the appropriate personal characteristics to work both safely and effectively. Pre-employment assessments can assist employers in hiring people who will be less likely to engage in behaviors that lead to injuries and illnesses.

This white paper details how Aon Hewitt’s Workplace Practices test can help predict the safety behavior of job candidates, resulting in an increase of safety and decrease in costs associated with employee injuries and illnesses.

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