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The Engaging Leader

The Engaging Leader


Experiences, Beliefs and Behaviors

You’ve heard it before—engagement matters. Time and again our data has shown us that employees and their behavior are at the center of business success. Engaged employees:

  • deliver better business performance,
  • are more connected and committed to their companies, and
  • strive to go above and beyond far more than their less engaged peers

Yet on a global level, only 6 out of 10 employees are engaged, and the solutions for improving engagement have become increasingly complex for companies operating in an environment of instability and varied economic conditions.

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We also know strong leadership is the consistent differentiator to how Aon Hewitt Best Employers achieve both top quartile engagement levels and better business results. Engaging others is a leader’s business responsibility, so these facts require us to ask ourselves a simple question—how can leaders be more engaging of their direct reports and those around them?

To deepen our understanding, we combined the insights from our Global Employee Research Database with a qualitative study across organizations that collected data through in-depth interviews with leaders of highly engaged teams, and employee focus groups in which employees were asked how leaders contribute (or don’t) to their engagement. With our findings we developed The Engaging Leader model that shows the engaging leader profile is built through experiencing, believing and doing.

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