Natural Resources Risk Management

Energy Risk Management

Globalization and consolidation have revolutionized the natural resources industry. Now, a one-dimensional approach to risk management can prevent your company from maximizing returns because of new, hidden risks. Natural Resources risk management allows your organization to efficiently assess and mitigate these challenges.

Natural Solutions

Aon specializes in helping you identify, evaluate, understand and successfully manage all areas of natural resource risk, including property, liability, CAR, Control of Well, Advance Loss of Profits, Business Interruption, and Sabotage and Terrorism.

Some areas with unseen risks that Aon can help you identify include:

  • Environmental: Perceived global warming and other natural phenomenon can be assessed and in some cases mitigated.
  • Operational: Fire, blow out, explosion, and business interruption can be insured.
  • Legal: Corporate governance, joint venture disputes, contract risk negotiation, directors’ and officers’ liability, etc.
  • Political and Regulatory: Many natural resources companies have significant exposure in respect to kidnap and ransom, antitrust/collusion, transmission confiscation, Tariff/PUC risks, regulatory FERC risks, and environmental/CAA &MGP exposures.
  • Human Capital: The loss of a key employee or associated loss of intellectual property, failure to comply with best employment practices, and incidents involving workplace violence.
  • Financial: A natural resources company’s overall performance is also affected by a variety of financial and economic risks such as fluctuations in stock market values, commodity prices, interest rates, and exchange rates.

Minimizing Impact

Aon has the largest group of dedicated natural resources professionals in the industry who understand the unique environments in which natural resource companies operate. Our years of experience, not only in controlling the cost of insurance coverage, but also in minimizing the overall financial impact of exposures inherent to natural resource operations makes us a leader in risk management in this sector.

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