Aon Inpoint is based on the simple belief that a dedicated team of insurance professionals utilizing a large and unique set of industry facts can deliver more value to insurance companies than any other consulting firm.

As an Aon company, Aon Inpoint not only has an unmatched team of “from the industry” professionals, but also access to proprietary industry data. This means the advice we give is based on factual information, not theory.

Insurers and reinsurers are constantly seeking opportunities to create competitive advantage, grow their business and deliver superior returns. Achieving long-term success in today’s challenging market conditions requires a disciplined approach, informed decision making and a clear and pragmatic strategy.

At Aon Inpoint, we understand the most pressing needs of insurers and reinsurers and work with them to form robust and practical solutions and winning strategies. We support insurers and reinsurers, large or small, multi-line or specialty, around the world looking for growth in both new and existing markets as well as via new distribution strategies. We recognise that each client is different and every business is unique; therefore, we work closely with them to understand and help them refine their goals, priorities and challenges. Our objective is always to ensure the strategies we jointly develop best meet their individual needs and are actionable.

We are uniquely positioned to help clients succeed: the combination of our consulting and industry experience with access to proprietary insurance and reinsurance placement data, market intelligence and a global network of colleagues who collectively place over $100B of premium with deep functional expertise across almost every line and geography, enables us to penetrate beyond the headlines, conduct analysis at a forensic level and generate compelling and purposeful recommendations. We use a tried and tested approach, successfully deployed on companies acorss all sizes and geographies to help our clients address similar strategic challenges:

  • How can we maximize the performance of our existing business?
  • How can we expand beyond the current scope of our business?
  • What options do we have to accelerate our growth plans?

Market opportunity assessment

Drawing upon Aon's extensive, market intelligence, we provide our clients with a baseline assessment of the opportunity including a market size validation, growth rates, and market trends / conditions by specific products across the full range of geographies and segments. We can align our market sizing to our clients’ view of the world, with a bespoke and detailed market segmentation unique to Aon Inpoint. We can do this by leveraging public data or Aon proprietary insurance and reinsurance placement data, dependent on the client’s needs and targeted segment.

Channel to market selection and management

Aon Inpoint assesses the purchasing behaviors of insureds/cedants and the channels through which business is written for opportunity markets. This allows our clients to identify placement drivers and align distribution and underwriting strategies against overall customer needs and purchasing-habits in order to market products in the most effective ways possible. We continually track evolving trends in distribution, including development of alternative placement strategies, and provide early insight for our clients to capitalise on the opportunities that these present.

Competitive differentiation

Together with our clients, we identify their primary competitors and peer group and conduct a gap analysis to gain insight into performance disparities, characteristics of leading players in the market and required capabilities for growth in existing markets. If a client is interested in growing in a new market, Aon Inpoint can provide an outline of the competitive landscape and degree of concentration to better understand the markets’ dynamics. Our data-based approach is supported with qualitative insights on market trends and events to uncover unmet needs and identify “what it takes to win” against established competitors.

Business case and roadmap

We use our completed analysis to design a customized growth strategy outlining areas of opportunity and identifying the organizational capabilities and investment required to compete successfully in a market. The main benefits of this process are to align stakeholders, build ownership for effective implementation and develop the required momentum to execute the strategy. Inpoint helps our clients to articulate their risk appetite, understand the obstacles preventing growth and discover ways to overcome these barriers.

Product innovation

As the industry continues to evolve and insurers and reinsurers seek new ways in which to grow, companies are working to identify emerging risks and new insurance needs. Aon Inpoint can support companies as they explore new risks and assist in developing insurance and reinsurance solutions. Some examples of these are alternative risk transfer, cyber, personal lines flood and mortgage insurance.


Aon Inpoint will also help with the execution of recommendations to capture agreed upon opportunities by, for example, assisting in developing effective messaging to brokers and agents and facilitating internal change management. Our strategy and engegament teams combine during a project to provide support and practical advice on how to execute on recommendations and achieve competitive differentiation through the day-to-day interactions with brokers and insureds. If the client finds that their best method for achieving growth is through acquisition, Inpoint can also identify and profile targets, and perform operational due diligence to develop a winning M&A strategy in an existing or new line of business, region or product area. Lastly, Aon Inpoint can work with Aon Benfield Analytics’ to support implementation on everything from catastrophe accumulation analyses to rate filing support to understanding the capital implications of the growth strategy and corresponding rating agency support.

Aon Inpoint’s holistic approach, proprietary data and deep industry experience gives insurers and reinsurers unprecedented insight into a complex market across all geographies and lines of business.