Health Challenges in EMEA

May 2016

Improving health and preventing disease is a key issue for policymakers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), whether this is at the Government level, driven by European Union initiatives or by non-Government bodies, such as the World Health Organisation, or a combination of all of these. While different countries within the region will face slightly different challenges, the burden of chronic disease is rising at a significant rate globally and this, combined with an ageing population, means healthcare expenditure and existing healthcare systems are unsustainable.

Many leading employers are increasingly integrating health into their core business strategies in recognition of the close relationship between employee wellbeing, a more engaged workforce, and improve results.

This paper offers a high level overview of the issues employers across EMEA need to understand if they are to address the challenges ahead and be best placed to seize the significant opportunities that result.

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