Human Resource Consulting Services

Human Resource Consulting Services


Aon acknowledges the changing landscape of managing the workforce within organisations.  The pressure to deliver to the shareholder a competitive profit, has driven organisations to focus more on core activities that directly impact the bottom line.  This in turn has resulted in a push on effective management of the Human Capital to deliver these promises.  The organisations have no choice but to invest in developing and renovating the workforce synergies, through trusted Human capital consultants who share combined local knowledge with global insight.

Investing in your Human Capital

Regardless of size, geography, or industry, every organization makes significant investments in its talent. Success requires visionary leaders, exceptional talent at all levels, and the right strategies to keep that talent current, motivated, and focused.

Aon has broad experience and knowledge from the over 20,000 corporate clients who have had first-hand experience of Aon's solutions.  We tailor make solutions for our clients' needs.  A team of well-seasoned professionals guide and walk you through the solutions and implementation.

We offer forward-looking solutions to help you in:

Talent Management

  • Employee engagement, Organizational Restructuring and Design, Organizational Culture and Employee Value Proposition, Talent Strategy and Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Human Resources Policies and Procedures


Rewards Management

  • Executive Compensation, Total Rewards, Incentive Design, Job Evaluation


Leadership Consulting

  • Leadership Competency Design, Assessment and Development of Leadership Capability, Increasing Top Team Effectiveness, Career and Success Management


Benefits Consulting

  • Benefits Management Platform, ESOPS, Flexible Benefits


Benefits of embracing these ideas

Aon hewitt designs and delivers programs which, when coupled with insights from our unique research, define what it takes to be an employer of choice.  We build an operating model that is aligned to the strategic goals of the organization and ensure the business process flow seamlessly and effectively; through the organization structure.  Our key differentiating factor is that we see our projects through to completion and we help our clients communicate to the business.