Aon Global Client Solutions (AGCN)


Our Aon Global Client Network is an immensely important part of our offering for multinational and global clients.

Aon's AGCN Solutions are categorized into two separate areas:

Global Client Solutions

This area includes products or other solutions developed by an AGCN Group that provide a service or prorgram for a client that is global in nature, i.e. solves a client risk management or insurance issue in more that one country or region.

Country Specific Solutions

This area includes products or solutions developed within a country or region, either by an AGCN Group or another local Aon Group that provides a service or program for a client that is applicable within a country or region, but not globally applicable.

Each of the Aon broking divisions is further segmented to deliver personalised services to our clients according to their areas of specialization.  We provide general insurance portfolio management which involves all classes of general insurance under our specialised divisions.

Our Global Practice groups support us with a focus on industry issues and bundling and expanding expertise within each area, Aon delivers industry specific solutions to suit clients' needs.