Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber Risk Insurance


Data is more portable than ever before whereby the equivalent of ten filing cabinets can now fit on a device smaller than a mobile phone.  All critical data is at risk from viruses, hackers, malicious employees and accidental damage.  When systems fail, business cease to trade. 

Commercial property insurance protects your physical computers, but not the data store on them.  Moreover, business interruption cover will not respond to outages caused by computer viruses or hackers.

Coverage: Broad, Modular and Comptetive

Technology Errors and Omissions: includes professional liability and unintentional breach of contract

Multimedia Liability: includes defamation, libel, slander, plagiarism and full intellectual property coverage including copyright and trademark for online or offline print media.

Security and Private Liability: includes failure to protect loss, theft, corruption or deletion of data arising from hacking, viruses, acts of employees, denial of service attacks.  All privacy breaches covered howsoever they arise.

Data Recovery and Loss of Business Income Coverage: 1st party costs to reinstate systems and data as well as loss of income/profits as a result of a very broad set of 1st party insured events including security breaches, virus, hacks, human error, electromagnetic disturbance, programming error and natural disasters.

Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties: pays on the client's behalf those fines and penalties levied as a result of privacy breaches.

Crisis Management Costs, Customer Notification Expenses, Customer Support and Credit Monitoring: includes PR costs required to help miticate reputational harm as a result of a privacy breach and 1st party cover for the cost in notifying customers of a beach and any subsequent support or credit monitoring required.

Data Extortion: costs incurred as a result of extortion and ransom.