Medical Malpractice Insurance


Organisational sustainability in the medical field demands proactive understanding and managment of risk.  Individuals and institutions are facing regulatory and compliance issues.

This threat increasingly comes from all directions and in many different forms and the ability to manage these risks is the key to survival and success.

The Solution

Medical Malpractice Insurance is meant for medical professionals to cover liability against them as a result of errors and omissions committed by them whilst rendering professional service in their capacity as medics.

Eligibility: All healthcare professionals

Malpractice pitfalls: Failure to diagnose, internal/external communication, improper/lack of supervision, examination, lack of refererral or improper documentation etc.

The Features

  • Includes error, omission, and negligence of professional services
  • Includes defence costs, fees and expenses
  • Includes emergency care liability
  • Includes locum-tenens service
  • Includes office equipment and employee cover
  • Includes Personal Accident extension
  • Includes Public Liability
  • Political violence and terrorism extention


The Benefits

  • Protection of personal assets / liability
  • Day to day insurance consultation
  • Aon's market leverage due to expertise
  • Appointment of defence advocate
  • Wide coverage at competitive premiums
  • Periodical industry updates