Risk Solutions

Risk Solutions


Aon Risk Solutions creates, recommends and executes risk solutions that help our clients achieve increased profit, growth and continuity.

Our Broking Services

Short-term Insurance Broking

Aon is privileged to represent our clients in the insurance market.  Importantly, given the volume of local and global premiums we manage, together with our specialized broking units, Aon is unrivalled in terms of pricing and coverage that we can obtain for you on all classes of insurance.

Long-term stability of pricing and capacity

Our strategy is to work with clients through the middle path of the peaks and troughs of the insurance cycle and to smooth the impact of adverse developments in order to create stability and predictability.

Benchmarking Data

Aon has developed a benchmarking process that enables clients to better understand their potential exposures.

Claims Management

Our central purpose is to ensure prompt and efficient handing of all claims with your image and reputation in mind. 

Approach to Optimizing Risk Finance

Our insurance program design and structure is aimed at minimizing the total cost of insurance to our clients without compromising cover.

Risk Surveys

Aon provides pre and post loss property solutions that address a client's property risk holistically and with a long-term view towards measurable results. Our property risk control goes beyond hazard and risk identification and includes innovative risk mitigation strategies, property and business interruption valuation, fire protection engineering and access to a best-in-class proprietary data management solution.

Aon Client Promise and our Integrated Approach to Risk

'The Client Promise' is Aon's globally consistent value and service delivery methodology that ensures every client receives the best customised risk advice and brokerage services in the industry.

Our Specialised Sectors in Broking

Agriculture Tourism & Hospitality
Forestry & Fishing Financial Services
Mining & Quarrying Logistics (Security, Transport & Communication
Industry & Manufacturing Professionals
Construction Wholesale & Retail Trade
Aviation Real Estate/Renting
Educational Institutions Healthcare Institutions
ICT & Technology NGO's
Entertainment Sports
Public Sector Affinity Business
Retail/Individual   Micro Small & Medium Enterprises

Business Segment Offerings

Aon Risk Services provide solutions across all the below mentioned business segments

  • Financial Institutions
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Marine & Logistics
  • Professional Risks
  • Natural Resources
  • Affinity