Teachers Service Commission

Teachers Service Commission

Medical & Group Life (with Last Expense) Scheme


Scheme Benefits


Scheme Exclusions


Service Providers

Member Eligibility

  • All teachers actively in service from eighteen (18) years to mandatory retirement date are eligible for cover.
  • One (1) legal spouse of the teacher
  • Four (4) dependant children (biological/legally adopted) are eligible for cover from birth until the age of eighteen (18) years or to the age of twenty (25) years if residing with their parents ane enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution.
  • No age limit shall apply to child dependants with disability.


List of underwriters

The following underwriters shall be involved in the scheme

Inpatient excess of benefit insurers

  • UAP Insurance Company
  • AAR Insurance Company
  • Jubilee Insurance Company

Group Life and Last Expenses Insurers

  • Pioneer Insurance

Registration Process

Mobile Phone USSD Registration

  1. Type *865# from your mobile phone. 
  2. You will be welcomed with a message "Welcome to Aon TSC Medical Insurance Registration". 
  3. Enter your TSC Number and ID Number
  4. The above will be verified against TSC database
  5. If successful, you will be asked to enter Name (surname and other names), DOB, Workstation Number, family size including self, gender and whether you and other members of your family stay together. 
  6. If not successful, you will be asked to contact a number at Aon for further assistance (020 497 4799, 0730 647 799, 0719 044 799).
  7. All  erroneous attempts will be logged onto the system and will be queried so as to reach the teacher in 'Registration Distress' or control fraudsters
  8. Once done, you will be given a pass-code that you can use to register your dependants and a message confirming that you are now a fully registered member with Aon TSC Medical Scheme
  9. While registering your spouse, please provide telephone number
  10. While registered children, please state whether they are disabled. If over eighteen (18) of age, kindly provide their ID Numbers.


Procedures for Accessing Care

  1. Register through the Mobile USSD code platform *384*847# from Safaricom line and *865# from Airtel line
  2. If successful, you will receive a pass code.  You will also receive a message confirming that you are now full registered member with Aon TSC Medical Scheme and a verification code.
  3. Keep the code and your password safely.  You will need the verification code for identification in the interim before issuance of the biometric cards
  4. Repeat step 1 above, and use your new pass code to log in then follow the prompts to register your dependants
  5. This registration process is at no extra cost to you
  6. Visit the Medical provider of choice on the Active interim list if need arises and you will be provided with the services
  7. To confirm the active providers near you, dial *340# and follow the instructions to know which providers you can access in your vicinity
  8. As the service provider, you or your registered dependant will be requested for either the verification code or your TSC number for identification purposes
  9. If you have lost or forgotten your verification code, please dial *865# and follow instructions
  10. You will receive medical care as per policy guidelines
  11. If you experience any challenges, please contact us on 0730 604 000; 0719 044 799;

    Application Form Registration
  • Completion of member registration forms.  Forms will be circulated to all teachers through the TSC County Offices
  • Duly completed forms to be submitted by teachers to their respective County offices


Registration Documents to be submitted with application forms

  • Two (2) passport size photos for all members
  • For religious & civil marriages - Marriage certificates.  For customary marraiges - Signed affidavit or Chiefs' letters
  • Birth Certificates, legal adoption papers for dependant children
  • Documentary evidence that dependants over 18 years are enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution

Application Form

Member Electronic Smart Identification Cards

  • Members will be issued with Medical Smart Identification cards on successful registration and submission of required supporting documents
  • The cards will be used for identification when accessing medical care under the scheme
  • In the meantime, the interim procedures for access to medical care apply

Group Life and Last Expense Claims Procedures

Last Expense (Funeral Expenses) Claims

  • Death Notification by e-mail or official TSC letter, including payee details
  • Funeral Expense Claims will be paid directly to next of kin via mobile money transfer


Death-in-Service Life Claim

Death Notification by e-mail or official TSC letter to Aon Kenya

Documents required:

  • Scan copy of the original death certificate
  • Scan copy of National ID card
  • Police abstract in the event of accidental death
  • This benefit will be paid directly to TSC for onward transmission to the member's next of kin


Disability Claim

  • Notification of disability by e-mail or official TSC letter to Aon Kenya
  • Original Medical Reports
  • Police abstract in the event of motor vehicle accidents
  • Benefit to be paid directly to members electronically either through bank transfer or mobile money transfer