Trade Credit Insurance


Aon's Trade Credit Insurance protects our clients' accounts receivable and ensures that they get paid for the goods and services that they supply.

The Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance Include:

  • Protects client's receivable against bad debt
  • Protects client's profit and shareholder equity
  • Provides additional security for your clients to offer suppliers and financiers
  • Provides independent risk assessment of your client's key customers
  • Can improve your client's own credit management procedures
  • Confidence for your client to expand their business.


Aon's Trade Credit Team

In order to assess our client's Trade Credit insurance appetite, we ask the following 10 questions:

  1. Could your business sustain the impact of a significant bad debt or an accumulation of bad debts?
  2. Have you suffered non-payment of invoices?
  3. Could a significant bad debt detrimentally impact your financial performance?
  4. Would you benefit from access to additional working capital or cash?
  5. Would you like to reduce your sales outstaning days and improve cash flow?
  6. Is your credit risk concentrated within a handful of key customers?
  7. Are you looking to expand into new, possibly volate markets?
  8. Have your recently acquired other companies or businesses and want to gauge the creditworthiness of the new customer base?
  9. Do you need to offer more competitive terms to buyers to secure existing business or attract new customers?
  10. Would you like greater insight into the credit standing of your customers?