A HEALTHY workforce


Ensure peak performance and active engagement



When an organisation demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of its people, it can lead to tangible benefits for both the business and the individual. Mental health has become increasingly important for organisations, and is behind the efforts of Aon and Manchester United working together to help ensure that all employees, both on and off the pitch, are happy and healthy.

This emphasis beyond physical health only is supported by our most recent research. According to the Aon 2017 Consumer Health Mindset™ Study, employees identified emotional well-being as the most important component of health in their personal life today.

The Mind Game of Football

Connecting health programs to emotional well-being can be a key to accomplishing mutual benefits.

Manchester United’s approach to overall well being extends beyond physical health to nurturing mental welfare.

To help ensure he is consistently at his optimal level of performance, defender Chris Smalling trusts in the club’s psychologist.

"You work every day technically and physically but so much of it is in the mind. It is very often down to mental confidence and concentration."
Chris Smalling, Manchester United and England

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