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Career Management and Succession Planning

Career Management and Succession Planning

Our perspective

Building a leadership pipeline demands that organizations understand their future leadership requirements, assess the readiness of their current talent pool to meet them and introduce focused interventions to bridge any identified gaps in talent, in addition to ensuring leadership retention. Through our flagship research Best Employers, we know that the ‘best’ companies have a defined formal succession planning process in place, which they manage more rigorously and more often that the ‘rest’. We also know the ‘best’ organizations exhibit a higher rate of defined career paths and of ingrained career development goals in their performance objectives. Furthermore it is evident that career opportunities are one of the most important drivers of engagement with a higher percentage of ‘best’ employers having defined career paths.

How we can help

We support the entire spectrum of career management activities. This includes helping you to develop a career management philosophy, career architecture including career paths, movement criteria and mechanisms and all related policies, procedures, tools and templates.

Not only do we help you by defining the framework and process for succession management, but also in implementing it for typically senior levels of the organization. We support this by defining the critical levels at which succession planning should take place, the criteria for succession and assessing the talent pool against these criteria in order to identify and recommend potential successors for critical positions.

Finally we assist you in ensuring the integration of career and succession management systems with your other HR systems.

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