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Increasing Top Team Effectiveness

Increasing Top Team Effectiveness

Our perspective

At Aon Hewitt, we strongly believe that top team effectiveness is about both developing capability of individuals within their own specific leadership roles, and helping the leadership team to be effective as a cohesive unit.

How we can help

Our approach addresses both aspects, resulting in a more cohesive and aligned team of leaders who are aware of themselves, conscious of their strong impact on others and have a shared vision and sense of excitement for the organization’s future. Through our top team intervention we have helped leaders and their organizations perform better on the metrics that matter, such as 3 times higher customer service scores, 13% more sales, 67% fewer team terminations and 3% lower costs.

Our approach to leadership coaching focuses on executive coaches working closely with individual leaders in order to help them identify their agenda, enrol key stakeholders and seek and leverage “feed forward” effectively to monitor progress. It emphasizes behavioural change and helps those being coached identify their “let gos” and “pick ups”. Our coaching approach is action driven and measurable with access to a pool of global renowned and highly experienced executive coaches. We also conduct leadership forums to focus on effectiveness of the senior leadership team as a unit through group intervention.

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