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What are organizations doing differently to ‘accelerate’ their nationalization mandate?

With one in every five nationals at high risk of attrition, declining engagement levels for nationals and a shortage of skilled local talent in the market, HR professionals, and increasingly CEOs, face a challenge to attract, engage and retain national talent. When asked about their challenges regarding nationalization, our clients say:

  • “Where do we currently stand with respect to nationalization? How do we measure the effectiveness of our existing efforts?”
  • “Where do we begin? What are the key levers instrumental in building and driving stronger national inclusion?”
  • “How do we mitigate the challenges of high expectations vis. Pay, work/life balance and job security? What are other organizations doing in this regard?”
  • “How do we prepare our current workforce for stronger nationals’ inclusion at the workplace?”
  • “How do we ensure that nationals joining our organization are able to take on workplace challenges?”
  • “How do we ensure that the nationalization mandate does not lose focus within the organization?”
  • “How do we track and mitigate our nationalization risks keeping in mind the changing sociopolitical environment?”

Our Qudurat research indicates an increasing shift from isolated one-off ‘instances’ to tackle nationalization towards structured interventions grounded in a ‘systems’ thinking based approach and addressing all facets of the employee life cycle. Find out more.

To support our clients with their nationalization mandate, we introduced the “Nationalization Accelerator Program”. The program brings you five core solution offers geared to help you envision, shape, implement and measure the effectiveness of your nationalization mandate. It provides comprehensive data-backed nationalization solutions, customized to your specific requirements.

The Nationalization Accelerator Program includes:

  • Nationalization Quotient evaluation
  • Nationalization Vision creation
  • Alignment with practices
  • Creating internal capabilities
  • Internal and community linkages


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