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Compensation Data

Compensation Data

What is our perspective?

HR professionals cannot do their job properly without having access to reliable data which helps them understand the pay market in their geography and industry sector. Companies paying too much to their employees will have low employee turnover and stagnate, whereas companies not paying enough will be unable to attract talented people and they will undoubtedly lose the talent they already have to competitors. Therefore access to up to date market information is essential for all HR teams if they are to strike the right balance between a competitive deal for the employee and cost control for the organization.

How can we help clients?

Amongst Aon Hewitt’s several global salary surveys in differing industry sectors we also conduct salary surveys tailored to the needs of the Middle East region:

  • GCC allowances and benefits survey – provides the market insights you need to help you quickly assess your offering in context of the current market rates – find out more
  • GCC executive compensation survey – provides access to compensation and benefits practices prevalent amongst executives and senior management across all industries and countries in the GCC – find out more
  • GCC sector reward surveys – specialist industry reward surveys for automotive, construction & real estate, FMCG, healthcare, higher education, oil & gas and telecom  – find out more
  • Total compensation measurement survey – captures data on pay, allowances, incentives and benefits in a systematic way across our Middle East client base – find out more

Bespoke surveys

We also run bespoke surveys for clients who need to find out data from a select comparator group or on a very specific pay issue such as sales incentives or benefits provisions.

Our survey methodology is applied consistently throughout the world so that global, regional and local clients can have a standardised approach to data collation in each of their markets.

For more information on Aon Hewitt’s data offering in the Middle East region please contact:

Robert Richter

Compensation Survey Manager
+971 56 1748175

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