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Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation

What is our perspective?

At Aon Hewitt we believe that job evaluation is an important tool at the disposal of HR as they strive to add value to the organization. Job evaluation is a way to control the pay bill, manage an employee's career by linking their job to a specific pay grade and the best way to link your jobs to a third party salary survey.

However this is a tool to make HR's job easier not harder! Therefore Aon Hewitt has spent time investing in our proprietary Job Evaluation tool Joblink™.

Our aim when designing the tool was to ensure that it is intuitive and user friendly whilst being robust enough to differentiate job sizes across industries and geographies.

How can we help clients?

We provide clients with an end to end service when they work with us.

Initially we can help by reviewing job descriptions and ensuring they are accurate. Our database of global jobs across multiple industry sectors allows us to provide a quick and cost efficient service when organizations need to clearly define their roles pre-evaluation.

Once this is compete we partner with our clients to ensure evaluation of their roles in a consistent fashion using our Joblink™ evaluation tool. The tool is used globally by thousands of clients in multiple geographies and industries. The tool focuses on internal relativity when assessing jobs but it also links to our Total Compensation Measurement thus providing a consistent link to market pay data. Our tool evaluates job worth by measuring a series of factors and arriving at a total points score for each job. This scoring system is fully automated and is delivered through our proprietary software.

Our competitive advantage comes from the fact that we embed training and knowledge transfer into our approach from the outset of the project. Our aim is to leave our clients fully equipped to maintain the system once we complete our assignment. We also deliver the evaluation tool to our clients as part of the assignment. Unlike other firms we have no ongoing servicing, licensing, or hosting fees to consider. The Joblink ™ system is yours from the completion of the project.

During each project we ensure the HR function has the required buy in from the management team by clearly communicating our approach and methodology. The end result is a transparent and robust process which is the foundation for creating a system which promotes internal equity and which helps employees and managers plan their careers.

We are happy to help clients link the job evaluation to pay and grading systems, career development plans, competency frameworks, and a host of other applications so that our clients get the best value out of the investment they make with us.

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