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Total Rewards

Total Rewards

What is our perspective?

At Aon Hewitt we believe that the reward offering is an integral part of the employee value proposition which enable companies to attract, retain and motivate employees to deliver their best work.

The total reward offering encompasses several key elements all of which must be competitive to deliver the right deal. Aon Hewitt believes that the right combination of fixed pay, incentives, benefits and a positive working environment will deliver the right deal for stakeholders and employees alike.  

How can we help clients?

We provide client specific advice tailored to your situation and based on data from your industry sector. Our solutions link market competitive pay levels to clearly defined role descriptions to ensure our clients understand the market they are recruiting from and competing against. We examine each element of pay and we can help you think through how you use your reward budget most effectively. Most of the companies we deal with have their reward spend as their biggest operational expense. Therefore we help these companies ensure they are getting value for money for this spend.

Our approach will ensure that your fixed pay bill is structured and well communicated and we focus on addressing issues of internal equity which may have developed over time. We also ensure that the pay progression mechanism you use and the policies you use to manage pay all follow best practice. Our inventive and thoughtful incentive plan designs demonstrate our ability to link performance to reward by designing incentives which measure individual and corporate performance in a meaningful way. Our comprehensive benefit review will ensure that the best available offerings are provided to your employees with a focus on managing costs and delivering value to the stakeholders in the business. Overall we will ensure that all the important elements of reward are working together and that current and future employees understand the true value of the deal you offer.

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