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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Our perspective

Engaging people has become even more of a business imperative in uncertain times. Organizations are under unprecedented pressure to deliver greater value to their customers and shareholders. This value - in all its forms - is created by harnessing the discretionary efforts of employees.

How we help clients

At Aon Hewitt, we believe that employee engagement is not about running an annual survey, but creating an environment that actively engages the employees’ hearts and minds.

Our research shows that engaged employees:

  • Say consistently positive things about their organization to colleagues, potential employees and customers
  • Stay with the organization for the long haul, and
  • Strive to put in the extra effort needed to succeed.

Understanding what factors directly affect these three behaviors and ultimately your organization’s employee engagement is the basis of the engagement model. Our team of experts can establish these drivers and not only help review the engagement levels within your organization, but help you take the necessary steps to make engagement happen.

Watch our video on the future of engagement: