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Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Our perspective

HR policies and procedures form the foundation of the employment experience that is promised by an organization to an employee and can play an ever increasing strategic link between the employee and the organization’s vision and business objectives. And it forms an essential component of a comprehensive people strategy which helps create a positive work environment and enhance employee motivation and engagement.
It is important for organizations to proactively devote their time and resources to develop and update policies and procedures before the need arise. It’s an investment that can pay large dividends in increased productivity and minimized litigation.

How we help clients

With our experience in the Middle East over the past decade, we have gathered experience and knowledge in the area of regional and local HR policies and procedures. We can provide industry, region and best practices on HR policies and procedures, that are applicable to an organizations unique needs and requirements.

We deliver a comprehensive and articulated HR policies and procedures manual for each organization which:

  • Communicates the business values to employees
  • Creates a positive work environment and enhances employee motivation and engagement
  • Is better understood and easier to enforce as it minimizes ambiguity
  • Is industry competitive to engage employees and achieve business results
  • Adheres to local labour law

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