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Organization Restructuring and Design

Our perspective

In every business environment, organizations need strategies and structured plans to manage change, minimize risk and guide organizational initiatives. Aon Hewitt assists organizations in translating the organization strategy into reality by putting in place the right operating model and organization design which offers scalability, process effectiveness and consistency across the organization. Our approach focuses on considering the external market and internal organizational challenges while designing the organization thereby proposing a robust structure that offers clarity in roles, accountabilities and eliminates overlaps and redundancies.

How we help clients

Our approach takes into account the strategic business direction and uses that as an anchor point in the design framework. We build an operating model that is aligned to the strategic goals of the organization and ensure the business processes flow seamlessly and effectively through the organization structure. We work with clients in designing and implementing the organization structure by ensuring process and role clarity and management buy-in.

Our customized approach ensures a final organization structure that:

  • Facilitates the key business processes and enables communication and knowledge management whilst allowing management to retain control and leverage the efficiency of shared services and resources
  • Is in alignment with the achievement of corporate strategy and objectives
  • Includes the design of systems to ensure effective communication, co-ordination and integration of effort across departments

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