Middle East
Performance Management

Performance Management

Our perspective

The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Companies here have to grow fast just to keep up. High growth goals requires discipline and focus, the kind of discipline and focus that we see in Best Employers that continue to outperform their competitors.

To produce this discipline and focus, increasingly companies are seeking to develop what they call a high performance culture—which can be translated as: everyone focused on the right priorities, energized and engaged to give their best, building the skills most critical to the business going forward.

Aon Hewitt’s experience and research clearly point to three factors that are central to creating this type of high-performance environment and workforce:

  • Building accountability everywhere in the business, for the right results;
  • Making sure the people we depend on for high performance are convinced we value them; and
  • Managing opportunity so the strongest performers are in our key jobs, and every job provides the chance to grow

How we help clients

Aon Hewitt can assist clients in building a high performing culture as a sustainable differentiator in the competitive scenario that organizations operate in today. Recognizing and rewarding high performance makes business sense. Differences in productivity and profits are exponentially better between normal performers and high performers.

Through our years of experience in the working and specializing in the area of performance management, Aon Hewitt can create an effective performance management system for your organization; we use our Four Cornerstones Model™ which ensures the following outcomes:

  • Common purpose: focusing the whole employee base on the organizations goals and thus answering the question “Where are we headed?”
  • Clear expectations: for individuals and groups and helping answer the question “What part do I play?”
  • Commitment: based on meaningful work and rewards and hence responding to the question “What’s in it for me?”
  • Capability: built through feedback and learning and addressing the question “What will it take?”

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