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Talent Strategy and Workforce Planning

Talent Strategy and Workforce Planning

Our perspective

In today’s challenging environment, it is critical for organizations to attract the right calibre of talent and at the same time manage the costs effectively. We believe organizations need to strike the right balance in aligning the manpower needs to the current and growing business demands. Hiring and firing people based on cyclical business trends create a low morale and ineffective work climate within the organization. Often organizations fall into the trap of hiring excessive staff to manage critical short term projects and end up with an inflated payroll cost that does not support the business margins. Our endeavour is to enable organizations strike this balance by proposing solutions that will enable effective manpower planning in the short and medium term in alignment with the changing business trends.

How we help clients

Our approach focuses on understanding the business processes and activities and translating them into effective manpower plans aligned to the business needs. Through our manpower planning tool, we help organizations focus on the workload distribution across the various levels and ensure any anomalies are identified and fixed. We ensure our clients are able to implement our solutions in a consistent manner by transferring know how sessions and designing a manpower planning process for the line manager and HR departments.
Our approach enables organization to achieve optimal headcounts and provides a robust framework for planning and managing future manpower needs in an effective manner.

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