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Best Employers Middle East

Do you aspire to become a Best Employer Middle East? Start your journey to high performance here!

While organizations readily invest in their technologies and processes, the true differentiation lies in the people who create value for their organizations and their customers. Leaders and Human Resources practitioners are always keen to understand whether their organization qualifies as a best employer. Our study will help you measure your status, benchmark it to the market, ascertain your positioning as a best employer, and recognize the “best” publicly as an organization that stands out from the general market.

What differentiates Best Employers?

Years of global Best Employers studies, backed with the engagement research of over 6,400 global organizations (including over 500 in the region), supports the striking evidence: having a high level of employee engagement, a compelling employer brand, effective leadership and a high performance culture translates into a committed and productive workforce that delivers stronger business results. Our research shows that Best Employers have:

About our Best Employers study

The largest program of its kind globally, Best Employers has been running in the Middle East since 2009. The study aims to:

  • Provide definitive benchmarks and insights into how organizations can create real competitive advantage through people
  • Explore what makes a workplace of choice
  • Enable organizations to measure the effectiveness of their people practices
  • Identify a list of Best Employers in the Middle East



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