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Payment Options

Aon NZ offers the following payment options:


monthly_instalment Monthly instalments
Instead of making one large payment, you can pay your account in monthly instalments through our premium funding facility. Contact your Aon Broker OR call 0800 AON BRO (0800 266 276) to be transferred to your Aon Broker.

direct_credit Direct Credit
You can pay your account by Direct Credit, the bank account details are noted on the bottom of the Invoice and Statement for your convenience.
NZD currency only: ANZ National Bank Ltd 01-0297-0071650-002 (02 for 2 digit suffix)
Please quote the client number.
If you are paying outside New Zealand the Swift code is ANZBNZ22.  To ensure your payment is processed correctly please email: your client number and the deposit amount.

mail Mail
Detach the payment slip at the bottom of your invoice or Statement, attach it to your cheque or money order and send them to the postal address noted on the Invoice or Statement.


PLEASE NOTE: a Surcharge of 1.5% of the payment amount will be charged to the card. If you wish to continue, please read below and
click   ON THIS LINK   and follow the instructions

The reference is located on the bottom right-hand side of your Statement or Invoice
If the reference code is Client Number in the following format: xxx xxxxx
Type in the 8 characters together without the spaces(or dashes)
If the reference code is Aon reference in the following format xxx-xxx-xxxxx
Type the first 11 characters without the spaces(or dashes)
The account must be paid in full.
Credit card transactions will incur a surcharge that you will be notified of at the time of payment

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