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Business continuity management

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Business Continuity Management

Business continuity ensures your business is resilient to risks where there is a potential for loss or damage to your assets, people, information, buildings and infrastructure.

Aon has innovative and simple solutions based on good international practice to mitigate the potential impacts from major loss events. Think of it like an investment in your business. Insurance can soften the immediate after-effects of a loss but will not by itself allow your business to recover efficiency, market share and restore customer confidence. 

Legislative Compliance for Managers

Business law can be complex and sometimes daunting for managers. Failure to comply may result in fines, penalties, personal liability, damages or imprisonment.

Legislative compliance is also about managing risk. Aon works with lawyers to ensure you get it right. We have partnered with Govett Quilliam, The Lawyers to provide a legislative compliance system that is based on sound risk management and legal principles. The system is risk-based, innovative and delivered to you via the internet ensuring rapid development and implementation, ease of maintenance and updating and, most importantly, bringing cost savings to you.

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