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Corporate and Government

Aon understands the challenges you and your organisation face. Through a mix of innovative solutions in broad terms we deliver:

  • Insurance programme design and execution
  • Risk Management advice and support, including Risk Engineering
  • Global insurance market access

A selection of our additional services is shown below. For more information about these and any of our other services please contact your nearest Aon branch 

Employee Benefits

Aon’s group benefit consultants can help design, cost and implement an employee benefit programme across a range of products designed to assist with employee’s health, protection and independence.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Aon Mergers & Acquisitions Group (AMAG) is the leading provider of insurance and employee benefits due diligence services to the international business community. Aon in New Zealand is able to access the worldwide resources of this specialist service that has over 160 staff in 23 key financial centres around the world. AMAG provides tailor made risk management and broking solutions to meet the risks inherent in transactions, enabling potential liabilities to be ring-fenced and to facilitate the swift delivery of the transaction to completion.

Strategic Risk Financing

As organisations become larger and more complex, they need to better understand and allocate their risks between shareholders, other stakeholders and capital providers, and the insurance markets. By developing a risk financing strategy, an organisation will have an approach to financing enterprise risk that is aligned to its business strategies and drivers, and that makes effective and efficient use of its own capital sources and the insurance capital markets. Strategic risk financing involves:

  • Understanding the risks your organisation generates
  • Using analytical tools to anticipate the potential cost of those risks
  • Applying business goals and strategies to determine how to use insurance and other sources of capital to finance those risks

Superannuation Scheme Administration

Aon’s superannuation team is able to provide a comprehensive member registry, member accounting, and secretarial service for corporate superannuation schemes and unit trusts.

Aon’s master trust superannuation scheme allows employers to participate and offer tailored retirement savings to employees as a branded and cost effective employee benefit. The Aon Master Trust is QROPs accredited and can receive UK pension transfers.

Global Business Division

Aon has insurance professionals located around New Zealand who specialise in the insurance needs of companies running global operations.
So when you want to do business off shore, our Global Business Unit will link into the Aon world-wide network to ensure you have the necessary insurance programme in place, and the associated ground support, regardless of where you are based and where you are doing business.

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