ASATS : Investment opportunity


ASATS Case Study : Investment Opportunity

Client: Corporate
Brief: Investment opportunity
Region: Singapore
Sector: Financial services

A corporate client required intelligence and background screening on a company and its management team prior to making a strategic M&A decision.

Aon's CIS team conducted discreet searches and investigations using the public records of target, information from the Supreme Court of Singapore, Singapore Law Watch, bankruptcy cases, the Corrupt Practice Investigation Bureau, and the Singapore Police Department. English and Chinese language news sources, trade publications, and related information was also researched using multiple public and proprietary databases including major local and international media channels to independently validate the target firm's reputation.

The investigation revealed that nothing was amiss. Aon's team confirmed the M&A target company was owned by the persons stated and that no civil litigation, bankruptcy actions, or regulatory matters or sanctions were found naming the company as a party. The target had minimal media and internet coverage with no adverse information identified. Armed with detailed company and management team intelligence, the corporate client completed their intended M&A strategy with renewed confidence.