ASATS : Joint venture partner


ASATS Case Study : Joint Venture Partner

Client: Corporate
Brief: Joint venture partner
Region: India
Sector: Real estate

A corporate client was considering establishing a business relationship with a partner in India, but needed to know more about them.

The client was a Fortune 500 financial services company contemplating a tie-up with a boutique financial company in India. The client was unfamiliar with the Indian company's property owner and manager and required intelligence.

Aon CIS's team conducted a thorough review of potentially relevant media, together with related litigation and business records. The review and investigation unearthed evidence that the manager had made questionable ethical decisions, overstated his experience and inaccurately described previous failed attempts to successfully manage the property. Information provided by the manager was shown to be inaccurate. He claimed to be a partner with ownership in a company and a former captain in the Indian Navy. None of these claims was true. Based on these findings, the corporate client was able to favourably reassess their options in terms of cost and relationship structure.