ASATS : Case Studies


ASATS: Case Studies

M&A Solutions

Health and Benefits Case Study 1

Target company was a division of a large multi-national corporation. The current benefit plans included defined benefit pension plans, supplemental executive retirement plans and retiree medical plans.
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Health and Benefits Case Study 2

The plans needed to be re-written for the stand alone spin off company with the same benefits. Minimal claims experience was available to underwrite the plans which presented market challenges. 3 unions in place in the US, 1 in Puerto Rico
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Risk Due Diligence

A manufacturer of home construction materials targeted a competitor's division that made related products but was concerned about the Seller's balance sheet reserves for warranty obligations.
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Risk Due Diligence – Middle Market Targets

Target company was a division of a larger parent. Seller annually allocated expected retained losses to Target but wanted Buyer to assume responsibility for pre-closing claims.
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Transaction Liability

Tax-Free Spin-Off - US $350m Tax Insurance Policy Placed in 2013

A public company client -- a leading foreign multinational in the manufacturing industry -- spun off a U.S. business unit. Less than a year later, client sold that unit to a private equity firm. Taxpayers no longer receive "comfort" rulings on whether..
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Buyer uses R&W Insurance Policy to Reduce Purchase Price

A US private equity fund was purchasing a manufacturer for approximately US $1bn +/-. Aon approached the fund about replacing a portion of the escrow with a buyer-side R&W insurance policy.
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Corporate Investigative Solutions

Investment Opportunity

A corporate client required intelligence and background screening on a company and its management team prior to making a strategic M&A decision.
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Joint Venture Partner

A corporate client was considering establishing a business relationship with a partner in India, but needed to know more about them.
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Business Transformation

Financial Institutions - Banking

A mid-sized retail bank with US$ 60bn in assets and leading private label credit card market share divests restructures the organization to comply with regulatory requirements, align and engage the senior leadership team.
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Financial Institutions – Insurance

A leading global insurance provider sought organization transformation following a business model shift and merger. The senior leadership team partnered with Aon for assistance with organization design and alignment with new business model.
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A global leader in software and technology undertook an aggressive business transformation consisting of a CEO changeover, restructuring to align with a new strategy, and acquisition and integration of a global 30,000 employee mobile technology company.
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A leading regional healthcare organization implements an integrated healthcare organization strategy and realigns the organization resulting in improved patient outcomes, higher employee engagement, and sustained improvement.
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A Fortune 100 global retail organization targeted major investment and growth in BRIC countries and required new models for their regional market business units. The company partnered with Aon to undertake business transformation to acquire their local ma…
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Human Capital Advisory

Transportation Industry Merger

In 2010, two large US-based airlines announced their merger of equals. Aon was engaged by both merging airlines to partner with their HR leadership on the HR integration process.
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Insurance Industry Merger

Aon was engaged by the seller and the buyer to assist with due diligence; the parties waived any conflict and Aon Hewitt created and enforced an effective clean team approach maintaining a strict "Chinese Wall".
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Global M&A Partnership

For more than ten years, Aon has partnered to this Fortune 50 company with global acquisition support and generally work with them on more than 30 transactions a year.
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Global Multiline Property and Casualty Insurer

The company had a steep growth trajectory, and strong financial results. It was planning a series of global acquisitions, which support an expansion of the business/operating model.
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