Global M&A partnership


ASATS Case Study: Global M&A Partnership

Client situation

For more than ten years, Aon has partnered to this Fortune 50 company with global acquisition support and generally work with them on more than 30 transactions a year. The client needed direction on the below:

  • Provide a broad range of due diligence support for GE acquisitions, including:
  • Comparative benefit analyses, including side-by-side comparisons, benefit index comparisons, and costing analyses
  • Compensation program reviews, including executive arrangements and 280G analyses
  • Purchase agreement review and input related to HR provisions
  • Provide extensive integration support, including:
  • Development of integration support data related to GE benefit board presentations
  • Guidance on health & welfare benefit transitions, including costing and design consideration
  • Development and facilitation of global base level and advanced HR acquisition training programs

Aon solution

Aon was able to help the client by providing the following solutions:

  • Consistent HR due diligence reports across multiple lines of business, with a detailed description of potential integration issues
  • Continual process improvement with M&A process surveys and tool revisions
  • Demonstrated skills development through M&A training programs and actually reduced use of Aon Hewitt consultants due to strengthened internal capabilities
  • Historic returns on Aon Hewitt investment in excess of 1,000%