Global Multiline Property and Casualty Insurer


ASATS Case Study: Global Multiline Property and Casualty Insurer

Client situation

The company had a steep growth trajectory, and strong financial results. It was planning a series of global acquisitions, which support an expansion of the business/operating model.

The client company had a strong and clear culture (undocumented but stated to be understood) that it was keen to impart in the companies that it acquires.

The key HR challenges the client faced were:

  • Communicate and drive culture within the acquired companies
  • Simultaneously maintain sensitivity to local national, business, and organizational culture

Aon solution

Aon's approach included the following:

  • Led senior team codify culture verbally and visually with a culture model (corporate)
  • Worked with senior management in acquisition countries (four distinct acquisitions/countries) to adapt culture model to their local business and national cultures
  • Shared proprietary culture implementation guidelines
  • Worked with senior management in four countries (four distinct acquisitions) to develop plans for roll-out of culture with the new combined entity
  • Conducted cost-benefit  analysis on implementation initiatives to identify priorities, and timelines
  • Provide best-practice insight into culture communications
  • Developed data collection instruments and conducted leader interviews and employee surveys
  • Created a business-driven culture
  • Conducted value driver analysis to ensure that the desired operating environment/culture drives key business performance measures
  • Developed a metrics-driven approach to cultural integration through introducing employee engagement surveys, and a broad culture dashboard
  • Created a cultural integration tool-kit (from due diligence through integration planning) outlining key steps, approaches, and tools to facilitate the process
  • Developed a modular based approach to cultural integration that specifies what is required, what is nice to have.
  • Created and shared a client-specific change management tool-kit to guide culture implementation