Aon ASATS: M&A Solutions


M&A Solutions

Aon Strategic Advisors & Transaction Solutions offers the most comprehensive solutions to facilitate private equity (PE) and corporate M&A, joint ventures, carve-outs, and sales. Our offering includes M&A Solutions providing risk and health and benefits diligence, Transaction Liability Solutions providing reps & warranty (also known as W&I), tax insurance, litigation transfer, and environmental insurance and Corporate Investigative Solutions providing detailed background investigations.


Aon is the pre-eminent provider of risk and health and benefits (H&B) diligence. In the past 5 years we have completed over 6,000 engagements globally. This depth of experience means we are able to deliver value to our clients no matter the geography or industry. Our suite of comprehensive solutions is described below.

Risk diligence

Aon's risk diligence evaluates exposures (past, current, future), along with other issues that may impact a transaction, including: risk management, risk transfer and financing, claims experience, collateral, and other related issues that could impact a transaction. We will use this review to customize recommendations for an optimal risk management structure in line with client objectives and strategy.

Case studies 
Risk due diligence
Risk due diligence – middle market targets

Health & benefits diligence

Health & benefits diligence analyzes and evaluates plan design, structure, high-level compliance, and quantification of annual financial impact and potential long-term liabilities for:

Benefit plans

  • Health & welfare
  • Union and multi-employer plans
  • Retiree health & welfare
  • Self-insured liabilities

International benefits

  • Compensation plans for executives and key employees
  • Employment and other agreements
  • Short- and long-term incentives

Case Studies
Health and benefits case study 1
Health and benefits case study 2

Directors' & officers' / errors & omissions / general partnership liability

Aon's fact-based risk analysis and 7-point assessment of insurance best practices helps clients determine the highest possible quality of risk transfer for balance sheet and personal asset protection. Litigation and regulatory enforcement actions have become fundamental elements of operational risk management for investment advisors and fund managers. Aon's directors & officers (D&O), errors & omissions (E&O), and general partnership liability (GPL) insurance analysis helps ensure broad and effective coverage in a market that is otherwise highly variable.

Company value risk and H&B audits

Significant growth, restructuring, or down-sizing can cause a company's risk and H&B needs to change substantially. We audit your current programs taking into consideration the business's current situation, strategy, and goals, to provide the most efficient program aligned to the business's needs. Implementation of our findings and recommendations frequently lead to improvements in EBITDA and cash flow.

Portfolio programs

Insurance portfolio programs provide leveraged buying arrangements across a portfolio of companies. When executed properly, they can provide significant savings to PE clients. Our dedicated portfolio team uses Aon's own market leverage and coordinates the insurance spend across the your entire portfolio to drive savings and improvement in coverage.