Webinar: Healthcare Regulatory Representation & Warranty Solutions

Aon and HRA’s Exclusive Webinar on Healthcare Regulatory Representation & Warranty Solutions


It is common knowledge that the R&W insurance market has grown dramatically over the past several years, and R&W insurance is now a common feature of the US M&A landscape. Despite that growth, however, healthcare M&A has languished as an underserved sector of that market due to carriers’ limited coverage appetite for healthcare billing and/or regulatory compliance risk. When policies on healthcare deals have been placed at all, billing-related risk has generally been excluded or, in limited circumstances, only covered at a very high retention/deductible.

Aon and HRA have teamed with a national carrier to address this gap in the market, and to develop a R&W insurance solution that can provide full coverage for deals involving billing risk, and we’d like to take this opportunity to provide insight and detail on the progress made and the coverage available.

Questions addressed in the Webinar

  • Coverage. What components of healthcare regulatory exposure are covered? Will the policy cover revenue (billing) reimbursement to the government?
  • Non-Regulatory Coverage. Can coverage for non-regulatory representation and warranty exposures in a transaction also be purchased?
  • Provider Types. What provider types can be covered? What provider types are easier to obtain coverage for, which are more difficult?
  • Cost. What is the total cost of obtaining a policy? What is the cost for complete coverage that includes non- regulatory reps and warranties?
  • Deductible. What is the typical amount of the deductible and how is it determined?Minimum Deal Size. Are there minimums in terms of enterprise value, policy limits, or minimum premium amount?
  • Other Requirements. Are there other restrictions, such as a requirement for audited financials?
  • Underwriting. How does the underwriting for regulatory R&W coverage differ from traditional R&W policies that cover non-regulatory risk?
  • Timeline. How long does it take to underwrite a policy?