Bed Bug Insurance

Bed Bug Insurance Solutions: Innovative, Comprehensive Protection

Bed bugs are becoming a National epidemic. According to a survey released earlier this year by the national Pest Management Association, one out of five Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has encountered bed bugs at home or in a hotel. More than just a nuisance, though, a bed bug infestation can also be an expensive, unplanned hit to the bottom line, as well as a public relations nightmare.

Aon Risk Solutions has strategically aligned with Global Excess Partners (GEP), an innovator in insurance specialty products, and Terminix, the national leader in pest control services, to provide a comprehensive bed bug insurance solution designed for hotels, landlords and property managers, student housing, and corporate businesses.

The suite of products offers an integrated pest management approach to specifically target bed bugs and combines insurance coverage with Terminix’s specialty bed bug elimination resources to deliver cost savings and greater budgetary certainty while successfully treating and protecting premises.

Aon’s Bed Bug Insurance Solutions deliver the following benefits, subject to policy limits, terms and conditions:

  • Insurance to cover the cost of bed bug elimination
  • Insurance to recover lost revenue resulting from taking rooms out of service during bed bug elimination
  • Dramatically reduced need to destroy room contents; in many situations, contents can be successfully treated rather than destroyed and replaced
  • Multi-faceted, integrated bed bug management approach includes a new, non-toxic elimination treatment that can return a room to service in five days or less
  • Discounted rates for mattress encasements and bed bug kits for greater peace of mind
  • Tips to prevent further outbreaks

For more information on this comprehensive risk solution that can help hotels, apartment buildings, student housing and corporate business travelers, please download the information at right, complete the “Request Info” form, or contact your Aon representative.

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