Cyber Risk Diagnostic Tool

Aon Cyber Risk Diagnostic Tool


Few – if any – industry sectors are immune from a cyber attack. The digital interconnectivity of business operations, suppliers and customers means that any organization is vulnerable to potentially catastrophic electronic data theft or sabotage. This inter-reliance between organizations and the growing prevalence of cloud computing, social media, corporate “bring your own device” policies, big data and state-sponsored espionage, has catapulted cyber risk into one of the top concerns of business leaders today.

Whether you are just starting a cyber risk management planning process or reviewing your current plan, Aon’s experienced cyber risk team can provide the expertise and advice to protect your balance sheet and empower stability throughout your organization.

Benchmark your cyber risk exposures today

Build a framework for discussion with Aon’s Cyber Risk Diagnostic Tool, which will provide a high-level understanding of the risks facing your organization. Upon answering a series of multiple choice questions, you will receive a tailored cyber insight report that will help identify the key internal and external factors that may affect your levels of cyber risks. The report also includes practical guidance on the related governance framework that should be in place as part of an effective cyber risk management strategy.

Both the tool and the report can be used to engage other company stakeholders into the process, such as chief information officers, IT security, data privacy leaders, legal, HR and finance. To receive your complimentary report, complete the diagnostic at www.aoncyberdiagnostic.com.

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