Sports Participant Accident Program

Aon Sports Participant Accident Program

Insurance protection for road races

In the event of an injury during a road race, the Aon Sports Participant Accident Program, underwritten by Zurich American Insurance Company, provides first dollar coverage for all your participants at an affordable price.

The program can help defray the increasing cost of medical expenses and deductibles by paying a lump sum benefit to the injured participant according to the type of injury and treatment the participant receives.


  • Marathons, triathlons and running events spanning fewer than five days
  • Non-extreme, non-professional activities

Race Highlights

  • Thorough: Benefits help offset medical expenses related to a sports injury (e.g. deductible)
  • No Exceptions: Pays regardless of other health insurance
  • Easy Disbursement: First dollar, no deductible
  • Hassle Free: Payment to the injured participant, or whomever they choose
  • Comprehensive Protection: Wide range of emergency treatments including dislocations; fractures; lacerations; surgical; concussions; dental
  • Team Approach: Covers all participants during the race
  • Value-Add: Increases connectivity and promotes goodwill for the race

Adult Running Participation and Injuries

Almost 2.5 million Americans ran half-marathons or marathons in 2012.1

Graphic source: ”Common Running Injuries.” Smooth Fitness Blog, February 2011.

Approximately 36 million Americans participate in running each year, and 40-50% of runners sustain at least one injury.2, 3

Knee injuries are the most common injury, accounting for 40% of all running injuries, followed by shin splits, which account for 15% of all running injuries.4

The Aon Adult Sports Accident Program can help offset the cost of injuries like these…and more!

The chart below illustrates the indemnity benefits payable under the program. The benefits and cost per day may be customized according to the event’s needs.

Misery at Mile 12: Half-marathon Injury Case Scenario

Approaching the last mile and on pace to achieve a new personal record for a half-marathon, severe pain suddenly shoots through a veteran runner’s ankle following an accident occuring in the start of the race due to corraling.

Limping to a nearby medical tent, a medic confirms the worst: it’s more than a strain. His ankle swelling quickly, he’s rushed to the hospital.

The case scenario and benefit chart are for illustrative purposes only, exemplifying the type of injury that may occur, as well as the level of benefits that may be provided. Each injury is subject to benefit review and claim adjustment.

*This is an example of premium per participant per day for an event previously underwritten in this program.

This is an example of some of the indemnity benefits payable under the program. The policy provides benefits for a variety of additional injuries and treatments. Benefits and cost may be customized by the events needs and the activities involved. For a complete listing of dislocations, fractures, and surgical procedures payable, please refer to the actual policy. Subject to maximums.

Sample Indemnity Payment

Injuries, Medical Attention, & Specified Events Indemnity Benefit ($3.75 / day) *
Fracture – leg (open reduction) $2,500
Ambulance (ground) $250
Emergency room treatment $200
X-rays $200
Accident hospitalization $500
Accommodation during hospital stay (1-night) $150 ($150 / night, 5-night maximum)
Transportation $150 ($50 / trip, 3-trip maximum)
Physical therapy (5 sessions) $500 ($100 / session, 5-session maximum)
Emergency room follow up (3 sessions) $300 ($100 / session, 3-session maximum)

Total Potential Payout= $4,750

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4Aschwanden, Christie. “The Big 7 Body Breakdowns: How to Avoid (and recover from) the most common running injuries.” Runner’s World: www.runnersworld.com, February 3, 2011.

Insurance coverage is underwritten by Zurich American Insurance Company. This document provides a general description of certain provisions and features of this insurance program and does not revise or amend the applicable policies. Please refer to your individual policy for a detailed description of the insurance coverage, including the exclusions, limitations, reductions and termination. Certain coverages may not be available for all states.

Aon Affinity, is the brand name for the brokerage and program administration operations of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc.; (AR 244489); in CA & MN, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA 0795465); in OK AIS Affinity Insurance Services Inc.; in CA, Aon Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., (0G94493); Aon Direct Insurance Administrators and Berkely Insurance Agency and in NY, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency.

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