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Aon Private Risk Management is dedicated to ensuring our clients are prepared with custom risk mitigation and prevention techniques to prepare for any storm.  In the event of a loss, APRM's clients benefit from our best-in-class claims service.  Our Mini-wind program, deductible buyback facility and comprehensive coverage and services may change the way our clients look at storm season.


Hurricanes, flooding and wind damage are often limited on Homeowners insurance contracts.  Ask APRM about protecting your risk.

Flood insurance
Many homeowners believe that if their home is inland, they are not at risk for flooding.  However, some of the greatest flooding from storms occurs in inland areas.  Clients of APRM are invited to take advantage of a complimentary flood review consultation.

Mini-wind coverage
Wind insurance policies often require a limit of coverage equal to entire home's value, regardless of the likelihood of losing the entire home in a windstorm.  Mini-wind coverage, offered exclusively to APRM clients, allows you to purchase lower limits of coverage with lower deductibles.

Deductible buy-back facility
Deductibles on many catastrophe policies (like Wind and Earthquake) can be prohibitively high.  Our deductible buy-back facility allows policyholders options for reducing these very high deductibles. 

Catastrophe planning and mitigation
APRM is pleased to provide clients with risk assessment and advisory services for clients.  Our comprehensive risk mitigation plans include securing your valuables, advice on preparing your home for storms and evacuation, accessibility and advice on Hurricane and Wildfire Protection Units, and more.


Quick Tips

Ask today for more information on Mini-Wind coverage and our deductible buyback program. In addition, take these simple steps to make sure your homes and loved ones are safe.

  • Check that your generator is fueled and in working order and that your pantry is stocked with non-perishable goods- including water
  • Make a Family Emergency Plan to account for all members (and pets)
  • Prepare a list of emergency contacts, including emergency assistance, family and veterinary doctors and your insurance broker
  • Complete your storm preparedness insurance checklist 



Aon Private Risk Management has over 25 years of experience with mitigating damage in catastrophic storms. For more information on emergency plans for you and your family please contact APRM for a complimentary risk evaluation constultation or visit Ready.Gov 


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