Casualty Risk Consulting eNewsletter

The Aon Casualty Risk Consulting eNewsletter


The Aon Casualty Risk Consulting eNewsletter is a periodic and complimentary eNewsletter published by Aon casualty brokers, consultants and risk management experts to highlight key issues and ideas that impact casualty cost of risk. Through this newsletter, we are committed to providing you with timely and relevant content that explores issues that have an impact on the casualty risk and liability landscape. Each edition will also focus on industry trends and explore what’s “behind the casualty risk numbers,” as well as creative solutions that our clients are pursuing to manage the ever-evolving casualty landscape.

Among the topics that we cover in our periodic eNewsletter issues include:

  • New approaches to casualty risk including diagnostics, industry benchmarking, safety initiatives, etc.
  • Workplace regulatory and compliance from OSHA, FDA, etc.
  • Casualty claims and third-party administrators
  • Workplace safety and worker well-being
  • Fleet safety
  • Workers compensation issues
  • Burgeoning topics in the marketplace that impact casualty program performance
  • New services and tools from Aon that help drive down total cost of casualty risk
  • News from Aon’s casualty brokerage and consulting team

In addition to keeping you aware of industry trends and Aon’s innovative solutions, we would also like to hear your topics of interest for future publication and publish “your” success stories, so please share with us how you met a recent challenge and it may be published for more than 8,500 subscribers to this publication.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and to present ideas and best practices. Our goal is to make this publication of value and support our combined pursuit to manage total cost of risk through improved workplace safety and the effective use of medical, legal and claims management services for the combined benefit of employees and employers alike.

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