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Winter 2014

  • Long Awaited Construction Defect Coverage Decision is a Win for Policyholders
  • Florida Judge is Disqualified for “Friending” Litigant
  • Do Carriers Waiver Exclusions by Failing to Defend?
  • Mississippi Rules on Ongoing v. Completed Operations for Additional Insured Coverage
  • Are Completed Ops Exclusions the Next Frontier for Construction Defect?
  • Pennsylvania Opens Door to Construction Defect Coverage
  • Florida Says Additional Insured Coverage Can Satisfy SIR
  • Texas Supreme Court Finds for EIFS Coverage in Lennar v. Markel American
  • Two Illinois Decision Highlight Subtle Differences in Vicarious Additional Insured Coverage
  • Wide Coalition Lobbies for Scaffold Act Reform
  • California Retains the # 1 Judicial Hellhole Ranking
  • More Cities Add Additional Insured Restrictions

Fall 2013

  • Texas Supreme Court Rules for Homebuilder in Insurance Coverage Case
  • Alabama High Court Rules Defective Work Is Not an Occurrence
  • Recent Federal Decision Rules Insurance Policy Supersedes Construction
  • Contract In Deepwater Horizon Loss
  • California Court Denies Policyholder Right to Independent Counsel
  • South Carolina Finds Indirect Construction Defect to be an Occurrence
  • Florida Court Weighs in on the General Liability Policy’s “Your Product” Exclusion Endorsement
  • Worker's Compensation Traveling Employee Case Argued Before the Illinois Supreme Court
  • The Latest Move in New York Labor Law

Summer 2013

  • Arizona Becomes 10th State to Restrict Additional Insured Requirements in Construction Contracts
  • Maryland to Remain Contributory Negligence State
  • New York High Court Finds Carrier’s Wrongful Denial of Duty to Defend Results in Waiver of Coverage Defenses
  • Florida Permits Architects & Engineers to Limit Liability
  • Big Changes at the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation
  • Connecticut Supreme Court Joins Majority Rule on Defect Coverage
  • Beware of Lurking Total Employee Exclusions
  • Florida Supreme Court Clarifies Economic Loss Doctrine
  • 2013 CGL ISO Changes Impacting Contractors
  • Living on the Fault Line: California Anti-Indemnity Statute Divides Opinions
  • Additional Insured Triggers: Interpretations Vary
  • CGL Coverage Denials for Construction Defect Move from “Occurrence” to Exclusions

Spring 2013

  • Appeals Court Holds Inconsistent Verdicts OK
  • Second Circuit Finds GL Coverage for Construction Defect
  • New Importance of Workers’ Compensation Decisions in Personal Injury Lawsuits in New York
  • Florida Creates New Exposure for WC Temporary Total Disability Benefits
  • Minnesota High Court Says “Caused by Acts or Omissions” Requires Negligence Finding
  • Florida Clarifies the Economic Loss Rule
  • What is Driving Insurance Costs Up?

Winter 2013

  • Is That Light at the End or an Oncoming Train? Changes Coming Your Way
  • California Turns Thumbs Down on Employer Social Media Demands
  • Loss Caused by Subcontractor’s Defective Workmanship Covered in Georgia
  • New Dangers at the Intersection of Liability and Coverage
  • Missouri Employees No Longer Can Be Sued For Negligence by Co-Workers

Click here to download these issues of The Claims Quarterly.

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