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A monthly publication highlighting news and developments in executive liability and insurance

Month in Review - October 2016

General News

  • The Yates Memo and its Impact on Directors and Officers Liability
  • Institutional Investors in Tesco Asked to Join London-Based Litigation
  • Antitrust Litigation Filed Against Poultry Producers Leads to a Series of Securities Class Action Lawsuits

Cases of Interest

  • Ninth Circuit Upholds Coverage for SDIC’s Claims against Failed Bank D’s & O’s
  • Ohio Court Determines Computer Audit Demand is a Claim Under a D&O Policy
  • D.C. Circuit Finds CFPB’s Single-Director Structure Unconstitutional
  • The Computer Fraud Insuring Agreement Does Not Cover Losses Resulting from Vendor Impersonation and Social Engineering Schemes
  • Litigation Hold Letter Is Not a Claim
  • Settlement Amounts Made to Account Holders Do Not Constitute Uninsurable Disgorgement
  • Professional Services Exclusion in D&O Policy Precludes Coverage for False Claim Act Matter

Cyber Corner

  • The Dyn Distributed Denial of Service Attach and the Danger Within

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