Podcast - Reputational Risk and Resiliency

Enterprise-wide Nontraditional Risks Podcast Series: Reputational Risk and Resiliency


Events that threaten an organization's reputation may be more common than many have previously thought, according to a new report prepared by our reputation risk research partner Oxford Metrica, Reputation Review 2012 shows that eighty percent of organizations will lose twenty percent of their value once every five years due to reputational issues. In addition, organizations often focus their risk management efforts on known or expected events and do not prepare for the nontraditional or unexpected events that can damage their reputational brand. Similarly, historical risk planning focused on what was probable or expected and ignored what was possible. Today's business with strong reputations do both.

In just five minutes, learn how to implement a reputation strategy to support resiliency and about unique solutions developed by Aon to help protect your most valuable asset — your reputation.

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Presenter: Rick Shanks