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White Paper: Keys to Success in Managing a Black Swan Event


(Updated 6/10/15) The term "Black Swan" weighs heavily on the minds of many board members as well as those of leadership teams. A Black Swan event refers to a highly improbable occurrence that is impossible to predict, carries a massive impact and its shock value is stunning because people could never conceive of such an event occurring. Why does it matter? It can kill your organization if it isn’t managed well. The key to addressing a Black Swan is not just mounting an effective response; it is mounting that response while simultaneously dealing with the psychological impact of being shocked by an inconceivable event of staggering proportions.

Understanding the influence of survivor psychology provides great insight into why some organizations fail and others survive, or perhaps even thrive, in a Black Swan event. Understanding the nuances of Black Swan events, knowing how to counteract the shock factor and translating those insights into actionable intelligence is the focus of this paper.

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Keys to Success in Managing a Black Swan Event