White Paper: Ageonomics: Eight Strategies to Improved Claims

White Paper: Ageonomics: Eight Strategies to Improved Claims


The aging of America’s workforce will likely have a dramatic impact on our health care system and workers compensation market. Aon has been a leader in “Ageonomics”, helping clients identifies cost drivers that stem from injuries and injury exposures to aging workers. At RIMS 2014, Aon Casualty Risk Consulting leaders met with clients to help them better understand the exposures and the value their workers comp loss data and workforce demographics can play to get insight on the key drivers of claims.

In our continuing commitment to clients, Aon Global Risk Consulting has published its second topical Ageonomics white paper, Ageonomics: Eight Strategies to Achieve Improved Claims Outcomes for Aging Workers. As its title indicates, the paper walks readers through eight key strategies, from medical condition assessment to integrating a comprehensive and iterative approach to enterprise-wide disability claims handling, and is designed to arm organizational risk and safety with guidance for addressing aging workplace issues, as well as strategies for claim handling and risk control.

This paper is a follow-up to “Responding to the Needs of an Aging Workforce” (Galusha and Missar, April 2014), which was released at RIMS 2014.

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