Construction Services

Construction Services

Global construction spending now exceeds $4 trillion annually. The risks can be financially complex, region-specific, and multinational and multi-enterprise in required breadth. Our industry experts provide tailored solutions to help organizations anticipate and effectively react to these challenges.

Worldwide Risk, World-wise Solutions
Aon’s practices in construction-related risk management services, insurance, and alternative risk management strategies can deliver effective risk solutions to your business, be it large or small. For large, multinational contractors and suppliers, Aon is a pioneer in the development of risk management and insurance strategies to cover the entire lifecycle of major infrastructure projects.

An Integrated Approach to Construction Risk Assessment
Using an integrated approach to the financial tools available in risk finance, we can deliver both traditional and non-traditional risk assessment & management solutions that blend capital, bonding and insurance product resources. Aon specialists are experts in the design of construction risk management programs to meet the specific needs of today’s increasingly popular design-build project delivery systems.

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