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Agribusiness and food industry

New risks continue to emerge for companies in the agribusiness and food industry as a result of regulatory changes and an increasingly global business environment. Issues such as food safety, supply chain risk management, genetically modified organisms, global warming, pollution, contamination and the exceeding of threshold values can have financially devastating effects if not properly identified and addressed.

Innovative solutions for agribusiness and foodstuffs

Aon provides comprehensive agribusiness and food system risk management for the industry's unique production, processing and distribution risks. We'll help you minimise costs, address and uncover traditional and non-traditional risks, assure quality and safeguard your assets.

Aon’s industry specialists uncover and analyse issues that challenge your business, your people and your markets. This sort of thorough preparatory work is indispensable if they are to be able to provide you with sustainable solutions for adequate risk management and appropriate insurance solutions.

Product cover – protect your good name

It is an unfortunate fact that foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco products are particularly susceptible to contamination. Contamination can occur inadvertently during the production process or result from a deliberate act aimed at attracting attention or securing a financial benefit for the person bringing it about.

Damaged products inevitably attract a great deal of media interest. This can trigger an enormous loss of trust on the part of consumers, recall costs for manufacturers, lost sales and require expensive measures to restore confidence in a product and brand alike.

That’s why Aon’s crisis management specialists have devised a concept that offers not only protection against financial losses but preventive measures as well. It includes both fixed and optional elements of cover, so that you can always find exactly the right solution. For example, it makes it possible for you to cover yourself against recall and rehabilitation costs, to put together crisis management plans or have yourself trained in PR for crisis situations.

Aon’s team of experts are also happy to advise you in the following specialised fields:

  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) – from risk definition to risk transfer (holistic risk analysis)
  • Supply chain risk analyses
  • Risk finance – finding out how much of the risk you should bear and how the rest needs to be transferred
  • Local or international insurance solutions
  • Environmental liability
  • Efficient insurance management in all lines of business and specialities, in compliance with the law
  • Study and management of captives
  • Benchmarking (premiums, cover) against comparable undertakings
  • Due diligence and risk/insurance analyses in M&A transactions
  • Modelling of natural perils

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There are an enormous number of aspects to hedging against risks in the agribusiness and food industry. Tell us about your specific concerns. We will be happy to give you tailor-made and in-depth advice.

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